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Criminal Minds (CBS)

A scared young dad is stopped by the police and thinks he's going to die.

If There’s a Hell Below (Clip: Journalist)

An eager young reporter interviews a whistleblower

Pink (Clip: Mourning)

A heartbroken boyfriend mourns the end of a relationship.

Big Brother Westeros (a Game of Thrones Parody)

A nebbish and overeager geek tries and fails to impress women on a dating show.

I’ll Be Watching (Lifetime)

After his arrest, a stalker finally confronts his victim during a police interrogation. After his arrest, a stalker finally confronts his victim during a police interrogation.

Z Nation (SyFy)

A suspicious astronaut befriends the last survivor of an abandoned research base.


A nervous geek wants to talk to the women at his high school reunion, but bails when confronted by an old bully.

Z Nation (SyFy)

A Russian spy tries to stay calm when handcuffed to a chair and interrogated at gunpoint.

Lucky Them

An intern at a music magazine helps his boss find someone on the internet.

Xbox Tech Support (Sketch Comedy)


The Gathering

Directed by Jake Scott

Minus the Bear - Steel and Blood (Official Video)

Two young punks navigate a life of drugs and violence on the streets of Seattle.

Z Nation on SyFy (Sneek Peak)

Zunami (S01E08)
Directed by John Hyams
Air Date: 10/31/14 on SyFy

Leverage (TNT)

A douchey hipster is caught cheating on his girlfriend and publicly dumped in a cafe.

Phoenix Run (Clip: The Reversal)

A cold and calculating sociopath tricks his captor into releasing him.

Door to Door, a short film

A comedy about two door-to-door solicitors—a devout missionary and a master con-artist—and what happens when they make a bet about who can persuade more people to believe in Jesus.
Written & Directed by Daniel Brockley
Official selection of the New Orleans Film Festival, Northwest Film Forum's Local Sightings, and Seattle True Independent Film Festival.

C.B. (Clip: The Food Court)

A food court employee tries to flirt with a young, mute girl.

Freedom's Path (Clip: Fireside)

A Union solder confronts his own racism while helping a slave escape the South.

The Return (Clip: Josh)

A preppy college grad struggles on his first day as a maintenance worker.

Biz Kid$ (Clips: The General, Zombie Bake Sale, The King)

From the creators of Bill Nye the Science Guy, Biz Kid$ is an Emmy-winning show where kids teach kids about money and business.

Dice (Clip: Phone Call)

A fast talking, charismatic con artist talks his way out of a kidnapping.

The Dinner Table, a short film

The Dinner Table is a short film about a family, that like any other family, is funny and poignant, surprising and familiar, simple at times and irreducibly complex at others. Through six short scenes spanning almost a year, the film depicts a family slowly but irrevocably in transition.
Written & Directed by Nathan Williams
Official Selection of Vienna Independent Shorts, Northwest Film Forum's Local Sightings, & KCTS TV's Reel NW

C.B., a short film

Mark works at a deli and talks too much. C.B. works at a science museum and doesn’t talk at all. When C.B. invites Mark into her carefully protected world, unexpected consequences follow.
Written and directed by Nathan Williams
Official selection of the Seattle International Film Festival, Bumbershoot, Winterthur International, & Local Sightings

Things Left Behind, a short film

A chance encounter at a stream.
Written & Directed by Nathan Williams

The Return, a short film

When a techie college grad gets a job with the maintenance crew of the Seattle Center, they endeavor to orient him to the job and it's slightly spooky history.
Directed by Jeremy Mackie
Official Selection of the Seattle International Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, Bumbershoot, Local Sightings, & KCTS TV's Reel NW
Winner of the Emerging Cinematographer Award from ICG

Freedom's Path (Trailer)

Door to Door (Clips: Joseph, a Missionary)

A quietly devout missionary makes a bet that he can outsell a master salesman.

Martian American (Trailer)

A lonely Martian travels to Los Angeles to become an American.
Written & Directed by Lee Citron


Directed by Daniel Brown
Produced by PBJS

Bowl Bound Fan

Directed by Ruben Fleischer
Produced by Caviar
with Eric Stonestreet

Easy to Wrap, Hard to Give - Concern Worldwide

Directed by Tony Fulgham
Produced by World Famous